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Wendi Gale
Owner, Manager
Artistry in Plants
Type of Business: Interior and exterior landscape design company
Major Products and Services: Plants; Interior and exterior landscaping
Marketing Area: Local
Years in Position: 4
Years in Profession: 30
Day-to-Day Responsibilities: Raising and propagating plants for interior design and green building effects with the assistance of young people between the ages of 16 and 26, who have been adjudicated in the court system; Aiding businesses with cooperative work opportunities; Serving as a liaison between the court and school systems; Coordinating with four greenhouses; Employing each court-appointed individual for one year
Educational Background: Ph.D. in Psychiatric Social Work, University of Michigan (1983); Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University (1976)
What do you attribute your success to? She attributes her success to so many wonderful people she has met along the way and to her goal to save the world.
How did you get involved in your profession? She became involved in her profession because she loved plants and has done outdoor landscaping. Her business now splits its work between interior and exterior landscape design.
Where will you be in five years? In five years, Ms. Gale hopes to expand what she does and help more people.
Hobbies/Interests/Sports: Spending time with her family; Traveling; Nature
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